The Five Finger Rule

Finding a book at your child's reading level can sometimes be a struggle. Some books may be too easy or too hard, causing children to loose interest quickly or not be able to get as much out of their reading. We like to refer to the Five Finger Rule when choosing a book for pleasure reading.
1. Choose a book that makes you want to read.
2. Use the 5 Finger Rule:
* Open to one page in the middle of the book and begin
*Hold up a finger for each word you can't figure out.
If 5 or more fingers are up, keep searching for a "good fit" book. If 4 or less fingers are up, it's a "good fit" book!

Finding books that are a good fit for your child will ensure that they don't become frustrated or loose interest in their reading. Happy book hunting!

Contact: Ann Mikkalson