Gr. 4 Instrument Projects
GR. 4 students are studying and researching instruments in preparation for beginning band in Gr. 5.

The due date for this year's projects is February 13 for Dahms, Darveaux, Johnson & Spencer and February 14 for Bronk, Naylor & Schmidt.

Project information, the instrument fact sheet, grammar checklist, and grading rubric can be found by clicking on the links below. Students can access suggested websites for additional information by following the directions on the Instrument Websites button on the left side of this screen or click on the How Things are Made link below.  The easiest way to use this  link is to type the name of the instrument you are researching in the Search box, then select one of the suggested links.  It is also acceptable to use Wikipedia for this project.  

To view several Gr. 4 PowerPoint projects from past school years select the "Gr. 4 PowerPoint Projects" button on the left.

Please email Mrs. Johnson at with any additional questions.