Word Reading Pratice-  Vowel and Consonant Blending (and HF Words)

Unit 1
1.1 Short a, final ck
1.2 Short i
1.3 Short o, -s plurals
1.4 Inflected Endings -s, -ing
1.5 Short e, initial blends
1.6 Short u, final blends

Unit 2
2.1 Digraphs (sh, th), Vowel Sound in BALL
2.2 Long a, CE/s/, GE/j/
2.3 Long i, Digraphs (wh, ch, tch)
2.4 Long o, Contractions (n't, 'm, 'll)
2.5 Long u, Long e, Inflected Endings -ed
2.6 Long e, ee

Unit 3
3.1 Vowel Sounds of Y
3.2 Final -ng, -nk, Compound Words
3.3 Ending -es, Plural -es, R-Controlled Vowels (or, ore)
3.4 Inflected Endings (ed, ing), R-Controlled Vowels (ar)
3.5 R-Controlled Vowels (er, ir, ur), Contractions ('s, 've, 're)
3.6 Comparative Endings (dge /j/)

Unit 4
4.1 Long a (ai, ay), Comparative Endings (er, est)
4.2 Long e (ea)
4.3 Long o (oa, ow), 3 Letter Blends
4.4 Long i (ie, igh), Silent Letters (KN /n/, WR /r/)
4.5 Compound Words, Vowels ew, ue, ui
4.6 Suffixes (ly, ful), Vowel Sound in Moon

Unit 5
5.1 Dipthong (ow, ou), Syllables (C+le)
5.2 Dipthong (ou/ou)
5.3 Vowel Sound in Book, 
5.4 Dipthong (oi, oy), Suffixes (er, or)
5.5 Vowels aw, au, Short e (ea)
5.6 Prefixes (un-, re-), Long Vowels i and o